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Phobia Testimonials


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Ron Abbott

**All testimonials provided are from actual clients of Healthy Horizons Hypnosis,

nobody has been paid in exchange for their stories.**


"Due to extreme claustrophobia, I've never been able to complete a single* MRI. Thanks to hypnotherapy, I no longer fear them."

Ruth Graham

West Wendover, Nevada

***footnote: Ruth successfully completed her first MRI Session in Elko, NV., on January 28, 2003, accompanied by "Certified Hypnotherapist", Chaplain Ron L. Abbott, from the Christian Center of Hypnotherapy*, a ministry of Chapel of Light Ministries, Inc.

                "Change your mind,                      

                   Change your life!"  


Home | Alcohol | Dental | Gambling | Hypnosis | Medical | Phobias | Smoking | Stress | Smokeless Tobacco | Weight | Links | FAQ's

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