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Meet Ron L Abbott
"Accelerating Positive Personal Change"

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I'm the Founder & Owner of Healthy Horizons Hypnosis. I've been practicing professionally for over ten years.

My own interest in creating positive change began over twenty years ago. I've explored many therapies and philosophies which created a firm foundation of different perspectives and understanding which have proven invaluable to me as a therapist. As I began to understand the influences which shape our view of the world, and the effects those influences can have on our lives, I became deeply inspired. It is my pleasure to hold a position where I can help others to experience their own healing and reconnect positively to life and their full potential.

My work as a hypnotherapist is essentially clinical. I offer a practical, scientific, and grounded approach to positive change which is based on effective, time honored methods, incorporated into a modern therapeutic framework. I pride myself on staying right up to date with the best of therapeutic research and draw from many different modalities to create an overall approach which is focused on "what works!"

I am committed to continued professional and personal development. I regularly attend advanced training events to stay up to date with the latest developments and the best of current thinking, as demonstrated by research and experience; a process which continues indefinitely. I hold numerous board certified specialist certifications and I am a full-time therapist.

I am very approachable and I bring to my work a sincere sense of humanity and compassion, an ingredient I consider vital to all healing. My consulting office is a judgment free zone. Your individuality and circumstances will be honored. 

You can feel confident in knowing that I can "Help You" with whatever issue it is that you seek my guidance for. If the question,      issue, or assistance you seek is out of my area of services rendered, or beyond my training or experience, I'll refer you to another    professional who can help you.

I help those seeking to make positive personal changes to accelerate those changes. I accomplish this with the aid of MMP (Multi-Phasic Motivational Programming) as developed by Bruce E. Kaloski, Ph.D.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist just a few of the areas I've assisted my Clients achieve Success in, is how to:

Stop Smoking - Manage Your Weight - Stop Panic - Take Control of the Stress in Your Life - Manage Your Anger - Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence - Improve Your Motivation and Career Goals - Eliminate Addictions such as Alcohol, Gambling, Drugs, and so much more!

As a Medical Hypnotherapist I assist you and your Doctor in the areas of:

Pre-Op, Intra-Op and Post-Op Support - Dental Support - Chemotherapy & Radiation Support - Pain Management, and so much more!

Here's a few examples:

Pre-Op - Preparation for surgery - hypnosis can reduce the anticipatory fear, anxiety, and tension.

Intra-Op - During surgery - positive posthypnotic suggestions given immediately before or during surgery can control bleeding, reduce the need for pain medication, anesthesia, muscle relaxants and increase postoperative pain control.

Post-Op - Post surgery - hypnosis can ease recovery from anesthesia; reduce or eliminate pain, nausea, vomiting, and bowel distress, accelerate healing from an incision, help regain normal body weight, increase physical energy and psychological well being, and speed overall recovery.

Procedures other than surgery - hypnosis can reduce anticipatory fear, anxiety, tension and discomfort from non surgical procedures such as: intravenous therapy, spinal taps, blood draws, dressing changes, and stitch removal.

As a Certified Pediatric Hypnotist I assist you and your child in becoming all that they can be, excelling in all areas of their lives, personally, socially, athletically, as well as academically.

When dealing with children there are many more types of hypnosis sessions available than even when working with adults. Children encounter many of the same types of problems as adults, plus an entire spectrum of their own.

In the same ways that adults use hypnosis in the following areas, children may also be helped: Self Confidence, Weight Loss, Stuttering, Procrastination, Procrastination, Improve Memory, Concentration, Nail Biting, Poor Sleep Habits, etc...

Children also have their own list of situations that hypnosis can be helpful with: Bed Wetting, Conduct at School, Thumb Sucking, Cleaning their Room, Disrespect, Establishing a Value System, Getting Along With Others, Loudness, Insecurity, Fears, Test Anxiety, Improving their Grades, Nervous Habits, etc...

The list of areas in which hypnosis can be helpful with children is unlimited. Keep in mind that children have an excellent imagination, and it can be used for their benefit.

I'm looking forward to serving you. Call me now to see what Coaching and Hypnosis can do for You and Your Family!

I've studied Gil Boyne's Professional Hypnotism Training Course, and many other styles including Ericksonian Brief Solution-Focused Psychotherapy and traditional hypnosis methods, as well as for Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Smoking Addiction. In addition I'm well versed in the study of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.)
I maintain my professional skills and board certifications annually by attending Live In-Person Training Seminars, Workshops, Internet Seminars and Broadcasts, DVD's, and videos.

I'm a great believer in the power of the subconscious mind. I believe given the right opportunity, the ability to accomplish great things is not only possible and amazing, but sometimes considered miraculous.

Because Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy regularly brings about astonishing, dramatic, healing changes that come from its proper use and skilled application, my goal is to help you achieve "Success" in as few sessions as possible.

I possess the following degrees:

Bachelor degree in Church Ministry - private religious institute/privately accredited

Master of Divinity degree with a major in (Counseling Distinction) - private non-religious university/privately accredited

Master of Arts degree in Counseling - private non-religious university/privately accredited

Doctor of Philosophy degree in Divinity - private religious institute/privately accredited

Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy - private religious institute/privately accredited

Details concerning the above degrees are shared during the full disclosure part of the client's in-take interview, prior to their first session. I am not a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or licensed professional or mental health worker.

I maintain "Current Board Certification and Membership both past and present" in many Professional Associations & Organizations including:

IMDHA - International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association - Certified Hypnotherapist

AAPH - American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists - Professional Hypnotherapist

NGH - National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Hypnotherapist

NGH - National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Pediatric Hypnosis

NFH - National Federation of Hypnotists - OPEIU Local 104 AFL-CIO - Registered Member

ABCH - American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy - Board Certified Hypnotherapist

RIAM - Research Institute of Alternative Medicines (Boston, Mass.) - Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

ABCMH - American Board of Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy - Board Certified Medical Hypnotherapist

ABCMH - American Board of Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy - Board Certified in Bariatric Hypnotherapy

ABCMH - American Board of Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy - Board Certified Hypnotic Anesthesiologist

IACT - International Association of Counselors and Therapists - Registered Member

CAPS - Christian Association for Psychological Studies - Registered Member

National Society of Christian Hypnotherapists - Registered Member

Fellowship of Christian Hypnotists - Certified Christian Hypnotherapist

Christian Holistic Health Practitioners Association CHHPA #053005-0106 - Registered Member

In private practice since 2001, I have extensive experience in the areas of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Performance Enhancement and Motivational Counseling and am Board Certified in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy, Bariatric Hypnotherapy (Weight Loss), Hypnotic Anaesthesiology for Pain Management, Smoking Cessation and am Certified in Pediatric Hypnosis. Whatever services or products you receive from me, you are assured that you are using the services of a Board Certified Professional who follows a very specific and strict Code of Ethics for Hypnotherapists.


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